Author Bio - Wayne Ellis

Wayne Ellis is a Software Architect for a FTSE 100 insurance company based in Wales, UK. He has been developing with Java since 1998, and using J2EE since its very beginnings.

Wayne has a strong background in Web Application development, mainly using Java as the server-side technology, and would describe himself as a keen technologist who loves learning new techniques and technologies.

Wayne lives with his wife, daughter and son, just outside Cardiff, the capital city of Wales.

Wayne and Play

Why Play? Wayne has been using Play since version 1.0 (late 2009). He has written several personal and commercial applications using the technology and was so impressed, wanted to write a book about it.

Wayne has also written several blogs on the hidden features of Play, such as Fast Tags and Web Services, plus, Wayne is also a top answerer on the Play Framework at Stackoverflow. If you have any questions on Play, you will probably find him hanging out there!

The eBook and now paperback book Introducing the Play Framework by Wayne Ellis is available to buy now.
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