Come Play!

Welcome to the website for the worlds first Play Framework book. Thank you to everyone who have valuable feedback during the Beta release of the book. Thanks to your support, the final release is now available, along with a Paperback version to go with the eBook!

The book was written with help and guidance from Guillaume Bort (the Framework creator). Jump in and see why Play is so special.

The Play Framework

Play is a revolution. The Play Framework has completely re-written the rules for Java Web development. No longer do you have to wait for the compile, deploy, retest cycle. You can make your Java code changes, hit refresh in your browser and the code is compiled automatically. What's more, your errors are shown right in the browser.

Play also comes pre-packaged with an easy to use Hibernate layer, and offers OpenID, Memcache and WebService integration straight out of the box.

You don't even need to download or install an application server. It all comes built in with Play! The easiest and most intuitive Java Web Application framework around.

For more information on the Play Framework, and to get the free download of the framework and app server, visit

The eBook and now paperback book Introducing the Play Framework by Wayne Ellis is available to buy now.
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